Junior Competition Climbing Association

Sport & Speed Zone Format

Sport & Speed Zone Format


Zone Format (Traditional Redpoint):

During a Zone Scoring format competition, there will be 20 routes to attempt. Routes will be marked by a JCCA specific start tag. A judge will be assigned to each route to belay and score the climber's attempts. To get in line for a route the climber will give their scorecard to the judge in charge of the desired route. The climbers will have two hours to try and get as high a score as possible. The difficulty of each route can be determined by the total points awarded for completing it. Starting at 100 points and ending with 2000 points with 2000 points being the most difficult. Each route will be broken down into 5 different zones separated by numbers on the route from 1-4 with the fifth zone being the finishing hold. The zone between the start hold and before the hold with the number 1 plaque will be worth zero points. The zone between the hold with the number one plaque and before the hold with the number 2 plaque will be worth 20% of the routes total points. The zone between the hold with the number 2 plaque and before the hold with the number 3 plaque will be worth 40% of the routes total points. This will commence till the finish hold which will be worth 100% of the route total. One hour into the climb time, speed climbing will start. At the two-hour mark all climbing will end, if a climber is on the wall when time is called they may finish their route. Any climbers waiting in line will not get to attempt the route. Climbers top three scored routes will determine their placement in the competition, with the highest score in first place. Climbers who tie with an equal amount of points from their top three routes will be divided by the amount of attempts on their top three scoring routes. The climber with less attempts on their top three routes will win. If climbers tie with both points and attempts in a qualifier competition, the climbers will simply tie.

Zone Format (Modified Redpoint):

At a rope qualifier that is a modified redpoint with zone scoring, rules regarding establishing a zone will be the exact same as a traditional redpoint. All routes however will be worth five points each. Competitors will have 5 routes to get on and will be limited to 5 attempts per route. Winners will be determined by whoever has the most amount of points totaled from all 5 of their routes. If climbers tie on points, the climber with the fewest attempts will win. If climbers tie on both points and attempts and they are going to be in the top three of their category, there will be a climb off on a harder route. If they are not in the top three of their category they will simply be awarded a tie. In the event of a climb off, climbers will be given one attempt to climb their route and the climber that gets the furthest in the route will win.


Speed Climbing Rules: 

1. The climber must have at least one hand on the designated starting hold. The other hand may be reaching towards the next hold or matched on the start. The climber must have one foot on the ground and one foot on a foothold to start the route. 

2. Any feet may be used while speed climbing, however the hands must follow the designated route. 

3. A false start will be called if the climber pulls their foot off of the ground before the judge says go. No more then one false start is allowed per speed run. If a climber reaches two false starts they will be given a fault for that run. 

4. Each climber will complete a total of two speed runs. 

5. If a climber fails to hit the designated finish they will receive a fault for that run. 

6. The fastest time from the two runs will be used as the climbers score.