Junior Competition Climbing Association

Sport and Speed Season


Sport and Speed Season

The Sport and Speed season for JCCA is from January to May. The season consists of three qualifying competitions followed by one championship event. Each qualifying competition will be scored on the zone format and the championship event will be onsite. At every event, there will be both top rope and speed climbing. Top rope is a form of climbing anyone can enjoy. The climber is connected to a rope and belayed from the ground as they ascend to the top of the wall following a route. For speed climbing, the climber follows a route trying to reach the top of the wall in as little time as possible. 

Anyone can sign up for the championship event. There will be two award ceremonies held at the championship event; One for that individual event and one for the championship title. To be counted for the Championship title the climber must compete in two qualifying events and the Championship event. In the case where a climber competes at all three qualifying events their best two placements will be counted towards the overall title along with their championship placement. 

For more information about the different competition formats and rules please look at our Rulebook.