Junior Competition Climbing Association




Volunteers are necessary in order for the JCCA to be successful. Please look at the available volunteer positions in the link below. There is a volunteer opportunity for everyone! 

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Volunteer Positions: 


As a belayer at a JCCA Rope Climbing competition you will be assigned a rope to belay and judge on. Volunteers who are assigned to a rope will belay there for the duration of the gender category they sign up for. Competitors will bring their scorecard to the belayer and the belayer will score the competitor in accordance to the scoring system being used in that competition after they have finished climbing. Belayers should be belay certified before the day of the competition.  


As a judge you will be assigned a zone with a few climbs and you will be keeping track of where the competitors are getting to on the climbs and how many times they fall. The competitors will hand you their scorecard to get in line, then you will call out each competitors name in turn and watch them climb, recording their score when they are finished. A more in depth description will be available during the Judges meeting before the competition.


With this position you might be called upon to do anything needed. From being a judge to helping with check in or the concession stand.